The implementation of skills development requirements within your organisation – one of the most cost-effective ways of covering all the points as laid out in the B-BBEE scorecard. We also provide solutions for clients that are verified on industry specific scorecards.

The inclusion of skills development training related to your organisation, thereby increasing the availability of work-ready young people who will be able to integrate into the working environment as skilled workers.

The provision of free accredited training for qualifying students who do not have access to further educational channels, consequently enabling them to study towards various SAQA-accredited qualifications.

With the training to youth initiative having been audited by various stakeholders over the past five years, previously unemployed youth have been absorbed into the labour market, reducing unemployment in this sector of the population.

The education and qualification of unemployed South African youth increases their employment potential and improves their future work prospects

The application of legislated funding models to reduce expenditure impact on organisational profitability. Savings on skills development spend through government rebates for each ATVANCE ACADEMY student’s training.

Thanks to our comprehensive support systems with regard to payroll, finance, taxation, B-BBEE and learner management, we are able to minimise administrative impact and provide significant savings on attributed administration for your organisation.

Our comprehensive support systems engage continuously with external stakeholders and assist our partners through various verifications and audits with a 100% success rate.



rapidly growing campuses situated across the country and located in various areas.


lives changed in the young black South African community thanks to our skills development training partnerships.


achieved as a result of individuals making a constructive contribution to society, through the provision of quality education by participating organisations.


offers a strategic project compliance management solution for skills development training, uniquely customised to meet the specific needs of our partner organisations.


ATVANCE ACADEMY currently trains 30 000 learners every month at 245 rapidly growing campuses across South Africa. To do so, we work with community leaders, community centres, libraries and schools to help us open campuses in their local areas. This allows us to make education affordable and convenient and brings us closer to our goal of training 80 000 learners a year.