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Maipato Semae

Congratulations are in order for Maipato Semae, who recently graduated from our Clocolan Campus. She completed NQF Level 2 in Contact Centre Support.

She says :

“Clocolan is a very small town, one that everyone looks down unto.  A place known of its dusty street and young people gallivanting all day long due to unemployment and lack of learning institutions. A place of hopeless dreams and crashed visions.

But behold…when all hope was gone, when dreams were shattered and visions abandoned, ATVANCE ACADEMY came to save us all, in fact it came to revive us all and not only for faces you seeing today, but for all the future generations to come.

A great man once said and I quote “Life is not a race, but a journey to be savoured each step of the way” I would like to send my greatest salutation to the honourable members, Representatives of ATVANCE ACADEMY, our beautiful parents, my fellow students and all protocol observed!”

Thank you for your beautiful story Maipato, and congratulations once again – we know you will do great things!


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